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Microsoft Azure Course Training in Mumbai

Discover how to optimize Azure workloads on Windows Server and discover Microsoft Azures IaaS infrastructure, services, software, and portals. Gain knowledge of virtual network management and deployment in Azure, deploy websites and data services, manage Azure Content Delivery Networks, and build and maintain Azure Active Directory.

32 hrs

Classroom Training

Microsoft Azure

This course will help you to gain knowledge on ...
Implementation of websites and applications on the internet.
Implementation of workloads, networks, images, disks, and storage on virtual machine.
Configure, deploy and operate cloud services and monitor them.
Implementation of blobs, Azure files, servers for SQL, and resources for recovery.
Implement and integrate applications with an Azure Active Directory.

  1. Implementation of Microsoft Azure Solutions
    Azure introduction.
    Microsoft Azures management.
    Integration and management of Azure Networking.
    Virtual Systems Implementation.
    Managing VMs from Azure.
    Implementation of Service Azure App.
    Planning & implementing storage, backup, and recovery services
    Implementation of Azure containers.
    Implementation of Azure cloud services
    Implementation of the Azure Active Directory.
    In a hybrid environment, Maintaining an Active Directory infrastructure
    Implementation of governance and automation based on Azure.

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