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Adobe Indesign Training Course

This introductory course aims to introduce students to Adobe InDesign's basic functionality and user interface. The career options with this course are Indesign Operator, Graphic Designer, Layout Coordinator, Publisher, Executive-adobe Design Suites etc.


Classroom Training

You will learn, how to Build a basic InDesign document, Workspace Customization, Layout and Graphics Modification, Managing Pages and Text, Work with Color, Use of Effects, Transform and Add Shapes, Managing Objects and Layers, Text Formatting, Use of Styles, Work with Tables and Export a document to other formats

  1. Introduction to InDesign
  2. Building a Basic InDesign Document
  3. Customizing the Workspace
  4. Modifying the Layout
  5. Managing Pages
  6. Modifying Text
  7. Modifying Graphics
  8. Working with Color
  9. Using Effects
  10. Adding and Transforming Shapes
  11. Managing Objects and Layers
  12. Formatting Text
  13. Using Styles
  14. Working with Tables
  15. Exporting the Document to Other Formats
  16. Adobe InDesign Assessment

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