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SEO PPC MBA in Digital Business Foundation Course Certificate Course Advance Certificate Course

Digital Marketing Certificate Course in Mumbai

Our Digital Marketing Certification course covers in-demand topics like Google analytics, social media, user experience, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online advertising, email, content marketing and more. This certificate is designed to help students, working professionals, employees at small businesses, develop and deploy successful digital marketing strategies

90 hrs.

If you’re new to the field, a Digital Marketing Certification is a great way to launch your career in this stimulating and fast-evolving field. In case you’re a skilled professional, Digital marketing and advertising certifications can expand a specialization and showcase your skillset for employers.

Digital Marketing Certificate Program Features

  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Paid Digital Media
  • Analytics
  • WordPress Website Management

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • DM Opportunities
    • Digital Leadership
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    How do Search Engines Work
    Basics of SEO Techniques
    Keywords Analysis
    SEO On Page Activities
    SEO Off Page Activities
    Competitor Analysis

  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Google Adwords
    Google Pay-Per Click (PPC)
    Basics of Paid Search PPC / Search Marketing Key Pillars
    How to create Campaigns
    Keyword Research
    Campaign Setup
    Bidding and Budget

  4. Content Marketing

    Content Research 
    Content Discovery & Ideas
    Marketing & Distribution
    How to create Infographics on Content Marketing 
    Content Writing
    Content Creation

  5. Blogging

    Blogger, tumblr, WordPress

  6. Email Marketing

    Permission and E-permission marketing
    Defining your goals
    E-marketing strategies
    Working with email templates

  7. Social Media Marketing

    Importance of Social Channels
    Instagram, Pinterest
    Facebook, FB Pages, FB groups.
    Getting your message across on Facebook
    LinkedIn, Company Page, LinkedIn Groups, Pulse, Slideshare  
    Leveraging LinkedIn

  8. Social Media Optimization
  9. Social media Analytics
  10. Google Analytics Overview

    Benefits of Tracking and Analyzing Web Data
    Advantages of Using Google Analytics
    Add Tracking to Your Site
    Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code
    Verify the Google Analytics Code Installation
    Troubleshoot Common Problems
    Interpret and Act on Google Analytics Data
    Introduction to Data Analysis
    Understand Customer Segmentation

  11. Video Marketing

    How to work with your YouTube audience
    YouTube Ad Formats Supported
    Analytics & Insights
    Video Manager
    YouTube Video Dashboard

  12. Inbound Marketing

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