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CCIE Collaboration (v3.0) Training in Mumbai

IPsolutions offers the highest quality CCIE- Collaboration training.

IPsolutions provides the best instructor-led and hands-on training program for CCIE collaboration certification ensuring success in both written and Lab exam in the minimum possible time. Our institute is not only well equipped and authorized to provide this training but we have an excellent track record of producing world class networking professionals as well.

Unlike short CCIE Collaboration training bootcamps, our bootcamp is a thorough & intensive 4 weeks program.

120 hrs

Classroom Training

CCIE Collaboration

The CCIE Collaboration certification is for collaboration architects, unified communications architects, or voice and video network managers who are responsible for the design, implementation, and troubleshooting of complex collaboration solutions. The certification is an expert-level certification that ensures that you gain knowledge and experience in collaboration solutions integration and interoperation, configuration, and troubleshooting in complex networks and the challenges of video, mobility, and presence as the foundation for workplace collaboration solutions.

Our expertise in providing voice, video, IM, presence, and call center solutions and training will prepare you to deploy collaboration systems and services that increase user productivity improve the experience for you customers and are adaptable and provide a seamless user experience.

  1. Outline
    1. APIs and protocols.
    1.1 Signaling protocols for IP cooperation.
    1.2 Negotiation of the news.
    1.3 Optimization of the media route.
    1.4 Headers for SIP.
    1.5 Protoc.ols media
    1.6 DTMF relay.
    1.7 Protocols communication
    1.8 APIs for collaboration.

    2. Infrastructure and Service Performance.
    2.1 Services to the network.
    2.2 Connectivity problems with troubleshooting layer 2 and layer 3.
    2.3 Quality of service for LAN / WAN / WLAN (Cisco IOS-XE and AireOS) collaboration applications and endpoints.
    2.4 Voice and video quality troubleshooting problems.
    2.5 Call Entry Control.
    2.6 Maintenance of the certificate.

    3. Call the dial and control program.
    3.1 Comprehensive dial plans.
    3.2 Integrated CM features of the simple dial program.
    3.3 Enhanced Integrated CM dial project features.
    3.4 Routing the URI and the domain.
    3.5 Characteristics of unified CM telephony.
    Selection of audio and video codec.
    3.7 Trunking of the SIP.
    3.8 UCM SIP trunks are locked.
    3.9 Multi-cluster UDS climate.
    3.10 Replication of a unified CM database.
    3.11 Prepare for dialing
    3.12 E-SRST and SIP-SRST.
    3.13 The Expressway Collection dial plans.

    4. Endpoints and administration of users.
    4.1 Endpoint registration of hardware and software in a multi-cluster environment.
    4.2 Mixed and Default Security (SBD) mode for Unified CM.
    4.3 Endpoints are secured.
    4.4 Endpoints and infrastructure for collaboration using IPv6.
    4.5 Characteristics of the endpoint.
    4.6 Authentication and permission of the user.
    4.7 Self-supply.

    5. Services from the Edge.
    5.1 Gateways for ISDN PRI.
    5.2 CUBE. SIP trunks
    5.3 Normalization of the SIP and SDP.
    5.4 CUBE SIP trunks are locked.
    5.5 CUBE (Cisco IOS-XE) box-to-box redundancy.
    5.6 Cisco IOS-XE network and application level security.
    5.7 Collaborative firewall traversal solution.
    5.8 Traverse communications of the Expressway Series.
    5.9 Remote and Mobile Control
    5.10 Expressway Series network an application level security.
    5.11 Webex Cloud Services Edge and Webex.
    5.12 Interoperability and association of third parties.

    6. Meetings and News Tools
    6.1 The instruments of the press.
    6.2 Meeting session.
    6.3 Meeting ad hoc.
    6.4 Meetings scheduled.
    6.5 On the Cisco Session Server, CallBridge and WebBridge.
    6.6 Strong Cisco Meeting Server availability.
    6.7 Safe Cisco Meeting Server meeting

    7. Applications and Services partnership.
    7.1 On servers and clients of IM&P premises.
    7.2 There is a feeling.
    7.3 Compatibility of the IM&P client with the existing communication and team chat database.
    7.4 Integration of voicemail Cisco Unity Connection.
    7.5 The voicemail features of Cisco Unity Link.
    7.6 The voicemail dial program for Cisco Unity Link.
    7.7 Characteristics of versatility.
    7.8 Extension Cross Cluster Compatibility (EMCC).
    7.9 Architectures for recording audio and video calling.
    7.10 Recording safe call.
    7.11 Unified Cisco Express Contact Center (UCCX).
    7.12 Mobile User Contact Center (Finesse).

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