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Job Guarantee Course in Digital Marketing

Become a success through our course in digital marketing with a job guarantee

We have to grasp the new world, which is digital. When this does occur, we will certainly be welcome in maximum organizations. The difficulty in most cases is that the institutes do not recognize that industries want this. With quite a few studies, we have designed a unique program. We begin with the basics, then we make sure all students move the advanced level including present day updates about digital technology. This is why we're the handiest virtual advertising course with a 100% placement.

300 hrs

We also work on ensuring that we have

  • An Inclusive expertise and experience in digital marketing training.
  • The most comprehensive and industry-oriented program
  • Well qualified trainers for coaching.
  • A superior evaluation system and certification.
  • An unparalleled employer connect. We have 300 connects plus our own customers.
  • All this has indeed made us well aware of what jobs are and what we need to gear up for.

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

    DM Opportunities
    Digital Leadership
    Project: Creating Presence online

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Keywords Analysis
    SEO On Page & Off Page Activities
    Image, PPT & Video Optimization
    Basic & Advanced SEO Techniques 
    Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis
    Google Webmaster
    Client Reporting
    Project: Ensuring 5 Pages being created on the website and ranked 

  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Campaign Setup
    Bidding and Budget
    Schedule: Start date, end date, Ad scheduling
    Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
    Demographic bidding (Display Only)
    Social settings (Display Only)
    Search Engine Advertising
    Defining Campaign Strategy
    Traffic Conversion and Landing Page Optimization
    Project: Creating a Landing Page and Executing champing

  4. Content Marketing

    Content building 
    Content Research 
    Content Discovery & Ideas
    Marketing & Distribution
    How to create Infographics on Content Marketing 
    Content plan, Content mapping & Content Strategy 
    Project: Creating a Landing Page and Executing champing 

  5. Blogging

    Business Blogging 
    Creating presence on Tumblr, WP, and Blogger.
    Project: Getting 500 views for your blog & 10% engagement

  6. Email Marketing

    Designing and Coding
    Measuring Performance
    Resources and support
    Planning and delivering email campaigns
    Landing page optimization
    Reporting, Email automation.
    Project: Creating Email Template on Mail chimp

  7. Social Media Marketing

    Twitter: Tweets and Lists 
    Instagram & Pinterest: Posting 5 created images and getting 300 followers 
    YouTube: YouTube analytics,  Creating & posting a video on your YouTube channel.

  8. Facebook, FB Pages , FB groups.

    Getting your message across on Facebook
    Building your brand on Facebook, Growing your groups and followers on your page 
    Project: Posting 5 articles on FB Page and engagement of 5%.

  9. LinkedIn, Company Page, LinkedIn Groups, Pulse, Slide share.

    Getting your message across on LinkedIn
    Building your brand on LinkedIn
    Project: Posting 5 articles on Pulse and being in the top 5% in your network.

  10. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Conversations, relationships, word of mouth and transparency
    Research methods for writing quality, timely content
    Engaging your audience with video
    Social Media Training: Making the best use of specific Social Media platforms
    Tools: HootSuite, Pictochart, Canava, Asana.

  11. Social media Analytics
  12. Google Analytics

    Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code
    Verify the Google Analytics Code Installation
    Troubleshoot Common Problems
    Audience Reports
    Traffic Sources Reports
    Content Reports
    Conversion Reports
    From Data to Decisions
    Understanding User Behavior
    Understand Customer Segmentation

  13. Video Marketing

    How to work with your YouTube audience
    YouTube Ad Formats Supported
    Analytics & Insights
    Video Manager
    YouTube Video Dashboard
    Video Bidding CPV (Cost Per View)

  14. Mobile Marketing

    Introduction to MM and Mobile apps
    Mobile PPC
    E-Commerce Design and Development
    Critical factors to ecommerce success
    Payment Gateway Integration

  15. Inbound Marketing
  16. ** Note: All Students will get Google Adwords; Google Analytics inbound marketing (Hubspot) Certifications.

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